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The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted childhood in Canada in unprecedented ways.

  1. Most children in Canada are in lockdown, curtailing their rights to health, education, safety, play, material security and many more 
  2. Read our rapid impact assessment of pandemic mitigation measures in Canada and access guidelines to help ensure they soften the impacts on children
  3. Share our message to thank children and youth for their sacrifices to help everyone

The impact of the Coronavirus will have a long tail for Canada’s children and youth.

  1. Hear from young people in their own words on our Kids of Canada blog 
  2. We’re asking young people in Canada about their experience of the pandemic through our U-Report polling platform to share their coping strategies and inform Canadians

Governments and service providers need to adapt creatively to ensuring children’s rights and well-being while keeping everyone safe.

  1. We’re working with governments at all levels to put children’s rights on the agenda, from crisis to recovery
  2. One Youth has contributed to guidelines for service providers on how to maintain connections for children and youth during the pandemic
  3. UNICEF has the latest research insights to uncover the implications for childhood

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Canada currently ranks 30th out of 38 rich nations in child and youth well-being.  We have to do better.  Join UNICEF Canada’s One Youth, and an amazing group of Canadian celebrities working to make Canada the best place in the world to grow up in.

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Canada ranks 30th out of 38 rich nations in child and youth well-being. We have to change that. Learn more about how you can be part of that change!

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