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Designed by and with children and youth, One Youth is a movement that will change the course of their future. We want every Canadian to know how children and youth are really doing across the nation, and to make things better. Together, we’ll make Canada the best place in the world to grow up by 2030. 

The 3 Pillars

One Youth’s strategy consist of 3 simple pillars:

•    Measuring success and sharing data

•    Designing solutions

•   Influencing decision-makers and engaging the public

Measuring Success and Sharing Data

Canada’s wealth is steadily increasing, but progress for children is not. That’s why One Youth is challenging Canada to re-think how it measures success. 

We’re creating the first Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being. The Index will be the new standard for evaluating our progress as a nation. Its indicators align with the Sustainable Development Goals – the world’s most ambitious agenda for 2030. 

The Index is being built in collaboration with children, youth and stakeholders from across Canada. We will also use UNICEF’s ground-breaking online U-Report platform to poll children and youth about their well-being. 

The data we're measuring will reflect Canada back to itself and show us where we need to do better, for every child.

Designing Solutions

The first step is measuring the challenge. The second is designing solutions that matter. 

One Youth is rooted in the human-centred design process and brings together the people who are closest to the issues: children, youth and those committed to their success. Together, we experiment, take risks and co-design creative solutions. 

Through our Design Challenges — focused on addressing issues with the greatest impact on child and youth well-being — and the Youth-Centred Design Toolkit, we’re providing Canadians with the tools they need to prototype their own solutions. 

One Youth is also looking to the future. Through a process called Foresight, we’re imagining what growing up in Canada might look like in 2030. Generation 2030 is a collaborative effort to understand what we can do today to influence child and youth well-being in the future.

Influencing Change

If Canada is going to improve the state of its children, all its citizens need to get involved. 

One Youth has brought together some of Canada’s best-known personalities. They're joining us to help put this issue on the map. We want child and youth well-being in Canada to be an election issue – every election. 

We’re also engaged in advocacy. We’re driving improved policies and systems change. We want to make sure more rights for more children are respected, protected and provided. 

When we talk and debate, we can find ways to unite. Together, we can do what's needed for the rights, needs and dreams of children and youth in Canada.