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One Youth is a movement to make Canada the best place in the world to grow up by 2030. We work with children and youth to design solutions and advocate for policy changes that will improve their lives.

The 3 Pillars

One Youth’s strategy consist of 3 simple pillars:

•    Measuring success and sharing data

•    Designing solutions

•   Influencing decision-makers and engaging the public

One Youth is challenging Canada to re-think how it measures success.

We launched the first Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being to be the new standard for evaluating Canada’s progress for children. Its indicators align with the Sustainable Development Goals – the world’s most ambitious agenda for 2030.

The Index is built in collaboration with children, youth and stakeholders from across Canada to show us where we need to do better, for every child.

Designing Solutions

The first step is measuring the challenge. The second is designing solutions that matter. 

One Youth is rooted in the human-centred design process and brings together the people who are closest to the issues: children, youth and those committed to their success. Together, we experiment, take risks and co-design creative solutions. 

Through our Design Challenges — focused on addressing issues with the greatest impact on child and youth well-being — and the Youth-Centred Design Toolkit, we’re providing Canadians with the tools they need to prototype their own solutions. 

One Youth is also looking to the future. Through a process called Foresight, we’re imagining what growing up in Canada might look like in 2030. Generation 2030 is a collaborative effort to understand what we can do today to influence child and youth well-being in the future.

Influencing Change

We need all Canadians to help us improve child and youth well-being in our country. Together, we can make Canada the best place to grow up.

Canadian celebrities are helping us to raise awareness about key issues such as poverty, bullying, food insecurity, mental health, and suicide.

We want Canadians to join us to improve childhood by becoming advocates for kids and influencing change. We must ensure children’s rights are provided, respected, and protected.

*Your year of birth helps us tailor and prioritize youth specific activities and communications. All personal data is private and confidential.