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Alexina, 14, Manitoba

Bullying - it’s something that we all face, some more than others. Or so we thought. Maybe it’s just that some of us don’t notice it, or maybe that some of us just make sure to not notice it. When I was in the second grade we had a new girl come to our school from Africa, and because I didn’t know who she was, I had started to bully her. Nowadays, the tables have vastly turned, though not with the same people. 

Today, the majority of bullying goes on online, or at last that’s where it stems from. Social media is the perfect platform for bullying. It shows us what we need to look like, how we need to act, and if someone doesn’t fit into those cookie cutter categories, they are immediately excluded. If you look around you may not see bullying as much anymore, but that’s only because it’s all online. 

Cyber bullying. All it takes is one photo. Most girls enjoy posting selfies to their Instagram, or sending them as their streaks on Snapchat, and when they look back you see people commenting nice things about them and their selfies. But it’s what goes on “behind the scenes” that makes the impact. 

Adolescents spend the majority of their time on social media, and memes don’t always give all the laughs, especially when you’ve already seen the same one 10 times within the past hour. So what do we turn to when we run out of memes? We often times go to selfies that people posted earlier, and we will pick out every single flaw within that picture. And that’s only where it starts. 

After that it turns into the stage of talking. People will go and try to spread anything bad about someone as quick as they can. As soon as everyone knows what’s wrong with that one picture they start to critique you about how you wear your hair, what type of shoes you’re wearing, who you talk to, anything they can find to build off of that selfie. Then they go and start talking about people when they are standing right behind them (talk about speaking about someone behind their back!), and from there it only builds to more.