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The entire world is currently in shambles and everyone is stuck at home.

Those who use to start their days by going to the gym or grabbing a coffee on their way to work as the sun rises are now experiencing a new “normal” morning routine. 

University students have had their routines changed. As a second-year university student, an average day for me started with the sound of an annoying alarm clock at 7am followed by me catching my bus to campus for my 9am lecture. My mornings are different now that my lectures are online. In fact, a lot is different since my lectures shifted online. 

It’s been hard to find the motivation to get school work done. The library is where university students are most productive, for me especially. I basically lived at the library on campus, if I wasn’t in class I was in the library studying away on my laptop, and now I can’t go to the library at all. 

Lectures and exams have moved online and so have our friendships. University can take a mental toll on anyone, whether it is the stress of the intense workload and competitiveness or for some just being away from home is stressful. Campus is a second home to thousands of university students - just meeting your friend for a study date or even coffee went a long way to help you de-stress. Also, there are a variety of mental health services on campus that are no longer available to those who need them. 

This as a reminder to everyone to check on your families but your friends as well. We are all affected by COVID-19 differently, but just as it affects someone’s physical health it may also be affecting someone's mental health.