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Join Us! Canadian Kids Deserve Better

Canada currently ranks 25th out of 41 rich nations in child and youth well-being.  We have to do better.  Join UNICEF Canada’s One Youth, and an amazing group of Canadian celebrities working to make Canada the best place in the world to grow up.

Canada, we need to talk

Commit to Kids

Canada ranks 32nd out of 41 countries in children who are living at or below the poverty level.  That’s 1 in 5 kids living in poverty!

Canada is ranked 31st out of 41 rich countries in teen suicide, even higher than the United States.

While we consider ourselves a tolerant nation, Canada has the 5th-highest rate of bullying among the measured countries in the study.

Canada is ranked almost dead last in food security for children, ranking 37th out of 41 countries. In fact, 1 in 6 Canadian children live with some level of food insecurity every day.