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It's easy to think that homelessness isn't a problem in Canada, a "first-world" country. However, it's much closer to home than we think. It's our responsibility to be aware of that and help break down the stigma that surrounds homelessness to increase access to resources for the less fortunate.


There is such stigma around mental health, so much that some parents even say “I’d rather have my kids going through leukemia than going through clinical depression”. Acknowledging firstly that mental health exists, as well as knowing it is as important as our physical health, if not more, is the first step towards raising awareness against such stigma.

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I was always fortunate to be among the two per cent of Indians living a middle-class life, while most others lived below the poverty line. At eight months old, I moved from India to Canada and immediately became immersed in the culture of a picture-perfect neighbourhood...