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Empowering young people to build a better Canada for themselves

The One Youth Change Network is a group of children and youth across Canada who want to make their communities and their country better. The Change Network offers events and tools that give young people the space and support they need to build their own future.

Whether you join us online or in person, the Change Network is a safe space for us to connect and share what we have learned as we work to improve child and youth well-being.


The Change Network uses design to make change

When you think of the word "design," what comes to mind? Lots of people think of artistic jobs like Graphic Design or Interior Design, but design is much more than that.

Design is a process of creatively solving problems.

Design is a way of working that helps people understand why things are the way they are, create new ideas and solve problems. When we design, we are trying to really understand things so that we can make them better.

You don't have to be good at art to be good at design.

We think children and youth are already naturally good at designing, and that adults can learn a lot from the ways they approach problems.

I learned that we are very creative people and we all think very differently and we all have awesome ideas.

Change Network participant, age 12

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