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What are Change Summits?

Change Summits are call-to-action events that explore issues that affect the well-being of children and youth in communities across Canada in a collaborative way using a human centred design approach. 

Over two days, youth and adults will work together to identify actions they can take in their communities to improve Belonging. Participants will use their findings to engage decision makers in local and federal governments and shape changes to public policies and programs. 

What is Belonging?

The theme for the 2019 Change Summits is BELONGING. As defined in UNICEF Canada’s Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being, belonging for children and youth means feeling loved, supported and connected to family, friends, teachers, people in the community and, for many, pets.

Too many young people in Canada lack healthy relationships, causing or worsening trauma, stress, poverty and other factors that affect their sense of belonging. 

Where are the Change Summits happening in 2019?

Change Summits Map

One Youth is proud to collaborate with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and YMCA Canada to deliver the 2019 Change Summits. The events this year will be in Calgary, Moncton, Whitehorse, Montreal and Ottawa.

What is human-centred design?

Human-centred design is a creative and collaborative approach to problem-solving that relies on a human interaction to fully explore and understand an issue and then brainstorm possible solutions. Those solutions are then tested, focusing on the needs of the people facing the problem.

Solving problems with human-centred design gives young people greater involvement in defining their own lives and specific needs. Since decision-makers in a community are usually adults, presenting problems and solutions from a young person’s perspective increases their chances of successfully demanding change and influencing key decision-makers in their communities. That is, it keeps the people facing the problem -- children and youth -- at the heart of the process.

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