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The Commitment to Children and Youth in Canada

Every child in Canada has the right to a great childhood. 

One Youth is a national movement to take Canada from a 25th-place ranking in child and youth well-being to first place. 

Right now, 24 countries are doing more for their kids than we are.

Our children are paying the price. 

Too many are suffering from poverty, abuse, obesity and mental health challenges. 

Too many are falling through the cracks. 

Yet our children and youth are powerful. 

They are experts in their own lives.

They have insights, ideas and inspiration that can change the future. 

It’s time to listen to children and youth across Canada and include them in decisions that affect their lives.

It’s time to invest more in our greatest resource. 

It’s time to do better. 

From 25th to 1st place. 

Make Canada the best country in the world for children and youth. 

*Your year of birth helps us tailor and prioritize youth specific activities and communications. All personal data is private and confidential.