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Last year on National Child Day, November 20, kids in Canada and around the world took over high-visibility roles in politics, business, sports, media and entertainment. They wanted to shine a spotlight on the most pressing challenges facing children. Given their success, they’re doing it again, only this year, it’s going to be bigger, better – and blue!

November 20 is World Children’s Day, universally recognized around the globe, and championed by UNICEF.

On November 20, 1989 the United Nations (UN) adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC); a promise to children that we would do everything in our power to protect and promote their rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow, to make their voices heard and to reach their full potential.

In 1991, Canada ratified the CRC, cementing our commitment to children in Canada and around the world.  Canada established November 20 as National Child Day.

UNICEF Canada works for every child, here in Canada and around the world. On November 20 we’re asking Canadians to help #KidsTakeOver – our chance to hear from kids themselves on the issues and solutions that matter to them. It’s a day for children, by children, and every Canadian can get involved.

[Kids Takeover 2018 Summary]

On November 20, Go Blue For Every Child

Show your support for #KidsTakeOver by incorporating blue into your day. In Canada and around the world, we want to create a sea of blue to show our support for children everywhere.

There are a few simple ways to Go Blue:

  • Wear blue clothes (t-shirts, hats, ties, scarfs, bandanas, etc.)
  • Turn your light bulbs or your set/backdrop blue
  • Turn logos, emblems, text and other communications blue
  • Encourage anyone watching/listening/reading to Go Blue
  • Be creative!