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You can help make Canada the best country in the world for children and youth. No matter how big or small, every action counts. Choose an action from our list below or make your own.

We’re aiming for #8MillionActions, one for every young person in Canada, by World Children’s Day on November 20, 2018. 

Don’t forget to tell us about it! Share what you’re doing using #8MillionActions.

Green Your Commute

Walk, bike, carpool or use public transportation to get to school or work.

Become a U-Reporter

If you are 13-24, become an agent of change and have your say on the issues that matter. Join here.

Print the CRC

Put a copy of the Convention on the Rights of the Child up in your home, class or at work.

Improve an Indicator

Learn where Canada ranks on child and youth well-being here and choose an indicator you’d like to help improve.

Share Your Story

Write a blog on an issue related to child and youth well-being. Share it using #8MillionActions. 



Take your first action by signing the Commitment to make Canada the best place in the world to grow up. We need all Canadians to help us reach #8MillionActions, one for every young person in Canada, by World Children’s Day on November 20, 2018. Then, share what you’re doing using #8MillionActions and see the power of all Canadians coming together for kids.

Predict the Future of Childhood

Learn about the future of childhood in Canada and help us predict the future by answering a few questions.

Take a Picture

Show us what well-being means to you and share it using #8MillionActions. 

Volunteer with Children and Youth

Look for volunteer opportunities to mentor and support children and youth.

Spread the Word on Social

Devote one social media post per week to issues affecting young people in Canada. Share it using #8MillionActions.

Write to Your Local MP/MPP

Share what you’d like to see in your community and ask how to get involved.

We forget they have really important things to offer and we should listen to them. Despite the fact that students are too young to vote, they still deserve to be heard because children do remarkable things!

Malcolm Allen, former MP for Welland

Share a Video

Record a video on your experience growing up in Canada. Share it using #8MillionActions.

Get Involved

Seek opportunities to be involved in youth councils or youth advisory committees in your community.


Donate to UNICEF Canada and help support children in Canada and around the world.

Discover Your Traditional Territory

Learn about the Indigenous territory you are on. Click here.

Write a Letter to Canada

Write an open letter to Canada. Here are some examples:

An Open Letter to Canada From Your Youth

Canadian Youth Are Suffering, And We Need Your Help

Share it using #8MillionActions. 

When you invest in us, you're investing in yourself. So please, we ask you to listen to us. We ask you to believe in us.

Ayra, 16

Clean Your Community

Spend a day cleaning up your local parks and streets.

Read the TRC ‘Calls to Action’

Learn more about the Calls to Action and how Canada can continue on the path of reconciliation.

Explore the Youth-Centred Design Toolkit

Explore a module of the YCD Toolkit and give us feedback.

Share a Headline

Share an article related to child and youth well-being, or something that will shape the future of childhood using #8MillionActions.

Design an Artifact from the Future

Read our four versions of the future of childhood here, and design an artifact from the future. Share it using #8MillionActions. 

Child and youth bullying

Canada ranks 27th out of 41 rich countries in child and youth bullying.

Learn About Indigenous Culture and History

Understand more about Canada’s rich Indigenous history and traditions.

Host Your Own Fundraiser

Create your very own fundraising page to help support children in Canada.

Join Positive Social Media Campaigns

Join the conversations: #Beccatoldmeto #wematter #spreadkindness #shannonsdream

Join Kids’ Takeover Day

Take part in the biggest child takeover around the world on November 20. Details to come. See what happened last year!

Share Your Own Action

Have an action that we didn’t think about? Share it using #8MillionActions.